Year: 2020


CIMMYT, the Government of Mexico and the Nobel Peace Center celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Norman Borlaug’s Nobel Peace Prize.


National breeding programs prepped to measure – and boost – genetic gains.


This year, we published more than 250 stories related to maize and wheat science around the world. Here are some of our favorites.


Study explores whether modern maize storage structures offer equal benefits to women and men farmers in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Authors conclude that no-till, no-burn practices can cut severe pollution in northern India and that they merit strong policy support, including enforcement of bans on burning straw.


Longtime CIMMYT collaborator Ruth Wanyera nears retirement from an honorable and decorated career in wheat research.


Kick back, press play and enjoy some of our favorite videos of the year.


New pilot in Nepal kicks off with a multi-stakeholder dialogue.


This World Soil Day, explore how breeding success is inextricably linked to how we address soil degradation.

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Press releases

A special event will make a global call to action: to develop a transformational response of agriculture for peace.


Don’t underestimate the crucial role nitrogen plays in cereal-based agroecosystems and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The most essential nutrient in global crop production is also one of the most challenging to work with.


AGG partners meet to launch regional networks for eastern and southern Africa and assess capacity development needs.

Research on impact that benefits many people, system change and sustainability.