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CIMMYT is a cutting edge, non-profit, international organization dedicated to solving tomorrow's problems today.

It is entrusted with fostering improved quantity, quality, and dependability of production systems and basic cereals such as maize, wheat, triticale, sorghum, millets, and associated crops through applied agricultural science, particularly in the Global South, through building strong partnerships.

This combination enhances the livelihood trajectories and resilience of millions of resource-poor farmers, while working towards a more productive, inclusive, and resilient agrifood system within planetary boundaries.

Building on the legacy of our funders

We are extremely grateful for the generous support of our funders, who sustain CIMMYT's efforts and innovations.

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2030 Strategy

Together, these two crops sustain billions of people worldwide, generate nearly $50 billion in trade each year,
and cover 400 million hectares of land
. That's approximately one quarter of the world's cultivated farmland.

Our seeds have the potential to help farmers combat


heat stress

weather events


New diseases
and pests

More frequent

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The challenges

CIMMYT's crop and food science addresses challenges encountered by low-income farmers in the developing world including food and nutritional insecurity, environmental degradation, economic development, population growth, and climate change.

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Science for improved livelihoods

For 50 years, CIMMYT has been using science to make a difference. CIMMYT's research has helped tens of millions of farmers grow more nutritious, resilient, and productive crops, using methods that nourish the environment and combat climate change.

CIMMYT collaborates with hundreds of partners and is part of the global network of CGIAR Research Centers, delivering science for a food-secure future.

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We have real-world impact

Low- and middle-income countries have received the greatest benefits from CIMMYT's improved varieties and
agricultural technologies. 90% of our work relates to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Return on investment

CIMMYT's work generates $3.5-4 billion each year in terms of greater benefits to farmers and consumers.

Future-proof seeds

50% of maize and wheat in low- and middle-income countries is based on CIMMYT varieties. They perform better — including when crops are affected by droughts, pests and diseases — and produce safer and more nutritious food. CIMMYT's global seed distribution network provides 80% of the world's breeding lines for maize and wheat.

Smart farming

CIMMYT and its partners test and promote improved technologies for crop and soil management. These innovations help farmers increase their yields, make production more efficient — regarding the use of land, nutrients, water and energy — and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meaningful change through knowledge

CIMMYT conducts about 50,000 days of training each year. Through large-scale, gender-inclusive activities, hundreds of thousands of agricultural experts and farmers have learned to use new tools, technology, know-how and crop varieties. As a result, women have more decision-making power.

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The future

With a focus on agrifood systems, CIMMYT is working to:

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Our achievements and goals

CIMMYT's annual reports give accounts of achievements, finances and the big issues being addressed through research, development and training.

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