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Zimbabwe office


12.5 KM Peg, Mazowe Road, Mount Pleasant

Postal address

P.O. Box MP163


+263 772 469 211, +263 772 469 212

Administrative contact

Profile image for Tawanda Mushandu

Tawanda Mushandu

Administration Manager

Media contact

Profile image for Shiela Chikulo

Shiela Chikulo

Communications Specialist

Country representative

Profile image for Cosmos Magorokosho

Cosmos Magorokosho

Maize Breeder and Country Representative for Zimbabwe

Food security
Press releases

New project will research and promote the adoption of sustainable farming method and practices.

Innovation and technology

Tremendous impact is arising from the longstanding cooperation between CIMMYT’s maize and wheat programs and national programs in countries where CIMMYT works.

Gender and social inclusion

The new AGG project aims to respond to the climate emergency and gender nexus through gender-intentional product profiles for its improved seed varieties and gender-intentional seed delivery pathways.

Gender and social inclusion

On International Youth Day, CIMMYT captures images of sub-Saharan African youth to celebrate their immense contributions to agriculture, farming systems, service provision and research and development.