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Media contacts – Global

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Marcia MacNeil

Interim Head of Communications

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Rodrigo Ordóñez

Communications Manager

Media contact – Africa

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Joshua Masinde

Communications Specialist

Media contact – Latin America

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Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Senior Communications Specialist for Latin America

Press releases

The food and beverage company will source wheat produced sustainably from a milling company that buys grain from farmers in the Bajío region of Mexico who will participate in CIMMYT’s research and capacity building networks.

Press releases

Scientists used a wild grass trait that inhibits soil microbes from producing environmentally-harmful nitrogen compounds. Widespread use of the new technology could lower global use of fertilizers for wheat crops.

Press releases

New leadership will continue to build on scientific excellence on maize and wheat research.

Press releases

Farmers could save costs and contribute to climate mitigation by adopting easy-to-access farming methods like better nitrogen management, intermittent irrigation, and strip tillage, study shows.

In the media

Source: The Washington Post (22 Nov 2021)

Harvard Professor Gabriela Soto Laveaga stresses the importance of tackling hunger as more than a technical problem to be addressed through scientific advancement alone, praising CGIAR for its community-centered approach to food systems amid the climate crisis.

In the media

Source: New Age (21 Nov 2021)

CIMMYT-Bangladesh country representative Timothy J. Krupnik was the guest of honor at a workshop organized by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute on fall armyworm management.

In the media

Source: Daily Times (21 Nov 2021)

At COP26, Special Assistant to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Climate Change said that a transboundary dialogue on mitigating air pollution was imperative to resolve Lahore’s smog.

In the media

Source: The Times of India (13 Nov 2021)

ML Jat speaks with The Times of India about the work of CIMMYT and its partners on diversification and carbon credits—two futuristic ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in India.