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Marcia MacNeil

Head of Communications

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Rodrigo Ordóñez

Communications Manager

Media contact – Latin America

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Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Senior Communications Specialist for Latin America

Press releases

Mexican authorities and international researchers pay tribute to World Food Prize Laureate and former wheat scientist Sanjaya Rajaram at the CIMMYT experimental station in Toluca named after him.

Press releases

Researchers will source useful gene variations from CGIAR genebanks to develop climate-smart crops.

Press releases

Scientists find novel way to combine two species of grass-like plants including banana, rice and wheat, that allows disease resistance and other beneficial characteristics to be added to the plants.

Press releases

The food and beverage company will source wheat produced sustainably from a milling company that buys grain from farmers in the Bajío region of Mexico who will participate in CIMMYT’s research and capacity building networks.

In the media

Source: The Guardian (14 Apr 2022)

“We’ll never get back all the diversity we had before, but the diversity we need is out there,” says Matthew Reynolds, head of wheat physiology at CIMMYT.

In the media

Source: The Guardian (15 Apr 2022)

As climate breakdown and worldwide conflict continue to place the food system at risk, seed banks from the Arctic to Lebanon try to safeguard biodiversity.

In the media

Source: The Boston Globe (28 Mar 2022)

The war in Ukraine, coupled with weather-related disruptions in the world’s major grain-producing regions, could unleash unbearable humanitarian consequences, civil unrest, and major financial losses worldwide, says Bram Govaerts.

In the media

Source: Nature (22 Mar 2022)

War highlights the fragility of the global food supply — sustained investment is needed to feed the world in a changing climate, Alison Bentley explains.