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Media contacts – Global

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Marcia MacNeil

Interim Head of Communications

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Rodrigo Ordóñez

Communications Manager

Media contact – Africa

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Joshua Masinde

Communications Specialist

Media contact – Latin America

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Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Senior Communications Specialist for Latin America

Press releases

A new meta-study confirms that nitrous oxide emissions can be reduced by boosting nitrogen productivity, crop yield and use of “4Rs.”

Press releases

New report quantifies the impact of 20 years of CGIAR-led maize improvement for Africa.

Press releases

Switch to irrigation canals will not fully compensate for the expected loss of groundwater in Indian agriculture, new study concludes.

Press releases

As partners come together as One CGIAR to enact a bold climate-centered strategy, projects like CIMMYT and IITA’s decades-long work on climate-smart maize can help show the way forward.

In the media

Source: (20 Jan 2021)

In combination with recommended integrated pest management practices, adopting these new varieties is an important step towards safeguarding smallholder farmers against this devastating viral disease.

In the media

Source: The Third Pole (25 Nov 2020)

Once a world leading lentil producer, Nepal is now having to import them as farmers struggle with low productivity and warmer, wetter weather.

In the media

Source: The Himalayan Times (6 Nov 2020)

CIMMYT and Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development developed a digitally enabled seed information system so farmers have timely access to quality seed.

In the media

Source: SciDev.Net (3 Nov 2020)

Wheat blast is a serious threat to wheat production and can lead to yield losses of up to 100 percent.