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Colombia office


Km. 17, Recta Cali-Palmira
Valle del Cauca

Postal address

A.A. 6713
C.P. 763537
Palmira, Valle del Cauca


Phone: +57 2 4450025, +57 2 4450095
Fax: +57 2 4450000 ext. 3025

Administrative contact

Profile image for Janeth Bolaños

Janeth Bolaños

Administrative Analyst

Media contact

Profile image for Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Senior Communications Specialist for Latin America

Country representative

Profile image for Bram Govaerts

Bram Govaerts

Interim Deputy Director General (Research and Partnerships) and Director of the Integrated Development Program

Capacity development

Seven young farmers, researchers and activists are advancing change, innovation and research in their communities.

Innovation and technology

CIMMYT’s work featured on the Counting on the World to Act report, produced by SDSN and TReNDS.

Food security
Press releases

The project will develop maize varieties adapted to the country’s farming conditions and will promote sustainable intensification practices among farmers.

Health and nutrition

A new zinc-enriched maize variety developed by CIMMYT was released in Colombia to help combat malnutrition in South America.