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Colombia office


Km. 17, Recta Cali-Palmira
Valle del Cauca

Postal address

A.A. 6713
C.P. 763537
Palmira, Valle del Cauca


Phone: +57 2 4450025, +57 2 4450095
Fax: +57 2 4450000 ext. 3025

Administrative contact (on site)

Profile image for Janeth Bola├▒os

Janeth Bola├▒os

Administrative Analyst

Administrative contact (Mexico)

Media contact

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Ricardo Curiel Martinez

Senior Communications Specialist for Latin America

Country representative

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Bram Govaerts

Director General a.i., Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Director General for Research (Sustainable Production Systems and Integrated Programs), a.i., and Director of the Integrated Development Program

Press releases

CGIAR centers present methodology for transforming resource-constrained, polluting and vulnerable farming into inclusive, sustainable and resilient food systems that deliver healthy and affordable diets for all within planetary boundaries.

In the media

Source: RCN Radio (15 Dec 2020)

Natalia Palacios, Maize Quality Specialist at CIMMYT, spoke┬áabout the center’s work in Colombia and the future of maize production┬áin the program ‘Tierra de Sue├▒os’.


Monitor, Evaluation and Learning Manager uses technological tools to streamline data gathering and analysis for improved project design.

Nutrition, health and food security

Bram Govaerts receives the highest distinction offered by the American Society of Agronomy.