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In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties (the “Law”), the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (“CIMMYT”) domiciled at Km. 45 Carretera Mexico – Veracruz, Col. El Batan, 56237, Texcoco, State of Mexico, may obtain personal data from individuals (“Data”), with the purpose of:

(a) generating and disclosing statistic information related to any of the scientific research fields in which CIMMYT is specialized, provided that such information is previously dissociated (as defined in Law);

(b) providing information in relation with courses and trainings that can be of interest for the holder of the Data;

(c) generating information and/or studies regarding agriculture and/or related disciplines, which includes, but shall not be limited, to uses and practices in agriculture, socioeconomic conditions in determined populations/regions/zones, existing support in specific regions or zones, status of research, development and training, etc. or

(d) evaluating your professional profile in relation to job opportunities in Mexico or abroad (e) evaluate providers profile to acquire goods and/ or services and take measures to comply with applicable law.

The Data referred in sections (a), (b) and (c) may be transferred, shared and/or assigned to authorities empowered or with the right to access to them; while Date referred in section (e) may only be shared to those authorities; the Curricula received by CIMMYT might be shared with other entities with the only purpose of providing better opportunities to candidates.

CIMMYT may retain the Data during the time permitted by applicable law. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of Data are protected. In case you wish to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data or to exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment of your Data, you should do so by submitting a request via e-mail to cimmyt-privacy@cgiar.org. In case you request access to Data in accordance with the Law, CIMMYT may provide you with the information you have the right to access either through simple uncertified copies of the information requested or through electronic documents that shall be sent to the email address from which the access was requested.

Providing your personal data to CIMMYT implies your agreement to this privacy notice and/or any amendment thereto, as well as to the treatment of your Data in accordance to this privacy notice, without this being considered as a limitation to exercise your rights of cancellation or opposition under the Law.

CIMMYT reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. Any modification hereto shall be made available to any person through CIMMYT’s website. Hence, we recommend its continuous review.