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Every year, CIMMYT trains tens of thousands of farmers, scientists, and technicians on techniques and practices for food security, nutrition, health and resource conservation. In contrast to formal academic training in plant breeding and agronomy, CIMMYT training activities are hands-on and highly specialized. Topics include practices to preserve maize and wheat genetic diversity; biological pest management; climate change adaptation and safer food processing. Trainees from Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from the data assembled and handled in a global research program. Alumni of CIMMYT courses often become a significant force for agricultural change in their countries.


AID-I conducted a community sensitization to connect Zambian farmers with existing mobile networks that provide agricultural and climate data.

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CIMMYT advances agricultural mechanization to boost smallholder farming, targeting efficiency and inclusivity.


A workshop brings together scientists to share the latest innovations in conservation agriculture to benefit smallholder farmers and reduce the effects of climate change on food production.


During the two-week training, jointly conducted by CIMMYT-BISA-ICAR, participants learned about innovative and cutting-edge research in conservation agriculture, visited industry, and interacted with farmers for first-hand impact.

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Researchers, including Sieg Snapp from CIMMYT, are pioneering crops that fertilize themselves by harnessing atmospheric nitrogen.


A workshop to help tackle climate challenges faced by Mutoko farmers generated significant interest among farmers and stakeholders to work towards sustainable approaches.


CIMMYT is actively engaging a wide spectrum of stakeholders to define and harmonize target product profiles across Africa, with farmers at the heart.

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Adopting sustainable and ecofriendly agricultural practices, sharing valuable knowledge, and providing farmers with effective tools and techniques can help mitigate the impact of fall armyworm in Zimbabwe.

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CIMMYT’s wheat varieties boost Ethiopia’s agriculture by combating rust and increasing yields, significantly enhancing food security.


AID-I Tanzania partners make plans to step up activity implementation, achieve wider impact, and build resilience for larger populations in 2024.

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Two world-class research-for-development centers will work to raise food production and livelihoods in croplands where water is the defining constraint.

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Attended by over 1,300 smallholder farmers, the fourth edition of the CIMMYT seed and mechanization fairs held in Mwenezi and Masvingo districts linked farmers with private sector companies.