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CIMMYT guidelines and policies

Management of Intellectual Assets
Intellectual Property Policy
Germplasm Policy
Research Data and Information Products Management Policy
Principles and Procedures for Acquisition and Use of CIMMYT Maize Hybrids and OPVs for Commercialization

Other policies
Code of conduct (English)
Code of conduct (Spanish)
Conflict of Interest Policy
Ethics in Research Policy
Human Resources Principles
Gender & Diversity in Research and the Workplace Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Safeguarding of Children and Adults at Risk Policy
CIMMYT against Trafficking in Persons Policy
Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy
Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy
Misconduct Reporting Policy
Position Statement on Novel Genome Editing Technologies
Position Statement on Genetically Modified Crop Varieties

Agreements standard conditions
Subgrant General Terms and Conditions (English)
Subgrant General Terms and Conditions (Spanish)
Standard Material Transfer Agreement (English)
Standard Material Transfer Agreement (Spanish)

CGIAR guidelines and policies

CGIAR Principles for the Management of Intellectual Assets
Download Principles
Download Examples
Download Explanatory Note
CGIAR Open Access Policy

For more information, please contact CIMMYT’s Legal department.