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CIMMYT scientists develop improved maize and wheat lines and varieties, with resistance to globally important biotic and abiotic stresses, and with improved nutritional and processing quality. Our germplasm banks contain the largest and most diverse collections of maize and wheat in the world.

Improved and conserved seed is available to any research institution worldwide, and is distributed with compliance of the SMTA terms and conditions (FAQ). We collect data about the performance of our distributed lines for further improvement, and share conclusions with the international breeding and research community when available.

Maize seed request

Maize seed request
Maize product licensing

CIMMYT’s maize breeding focuses on developing elite maize hybrids suited to various agro-ecological zones across Africa, Asia and Latin America, which are periodically announced on the CIMMYT website.

Public and private institutions may apply for permission to register and subsequently commercialize CIMMYT maize varieties in specific countries within the framework of the applicable laws, rules and regulations, and policies and procedures as described here: Acquisition and use of CIMMYT maize hybrids and OPVs for commercialization.

Please visit the CIMMYT Maize Product Catalog to browse the CIMMYT hybrids and OPVs available for licensing. License applications may be submitted via the CIMMYT Maize Licensing Portal.

Germplasm bank

Seed from the germplasm bank, which contains the world’s largest collections of maize genetic diversity, can be accessed through our online catalogues. 

International Maize Improvement Consortia

Members of CIMMYT’s International Maize Improvement Consortia are granted access to early- and advanced-stage CIMMYT maize breeding materials, among other benefits. Any organization engaged in maize breeding is welcome to join these consortia, including national agricultural research institutions; small, medium, and large maize seed companies; and international agricultural research organizations. For more information, visit our pages for IMIC-Africa, IMIC-Asia, and IMIC-Latin America.

Tropicalized Haploid Inducer Lines

Doubled Haploid (DH) technology enables production of 100% homozygous inbred lines in two cycles instead of six to eight cycles of conventional inbreeding, thereby reducing costs, accelerating the breeding cycle, and improving quality. CIMMYT has developed tropicalized haploid inducer lines with high haploid induction rates and good agronomic performance in tropical agroecologies. Interested partners may request a license to obtain seed of these lines along with authorization for use of these specialized lines in their own breeding programs.

For more information, visit CIMMYT’s Tropically Adapted Inducer Lines page.

Other requests

Contact us regarding other inquiries or suggestions about germplasm data, access to specific materials not otherwise described above, or help about maize seed.

Wheat seed request

Wheat seed request
International nurseries

Improved wheat germplasm to evaluate in your country for yield and resistance to specific stresses.
Order wheat trials

Germplasm bank

Seed from the germplasm bank, which contains the world’s largest collections of wheat genetic diversity.
Online catalogues

Breeders’ Materials

Germplasm developed by CIMMYT’s Wheat Breeding Program.
Request wheat seed

Other requests

Data, inquiries, suggestions or help about wheat seed.
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