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Xinyao He

Wheat Pathologist and Geneticist

Xinyao He joined CIMMYT in 2011 and since then his main research area has been Fusarium head blight (FHB) and its associated mycotoxins, including phenotypic screening for FHB resistance and genetic dissection of resistance mechanisms.

He is also interested in the less investigated FHB resistant mechanisms, such as resistance to initial infection, toxin accumulation and grain infection. In collaboration with colleagues at CIMMYT, he has actively participated in FHB resistance breeding, aiming to introduce and utilize major FHB resistance genes/QTL, like Fhb1 and a major QTL on 2DL chromosome.

He has also been involved in wheat blast research since 2016, including field disease screening, genetic studies and marker validation, as well as participating in research and breeding activities for other wheat diseases such as Septoria tritici blotch, Septoria nodorum blotch, spot blotch, tan spot and karnal bunt.