plant breeding

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Source: SeedWorld (10 Sep 2023)

Fernando Gonzalez, a retired plant breeder from CIMMYT, participated in the webinar hosted by Seed World Group, unveiling possible paths forward public and private plant breeding efforts.

Associate Scientist - Bread Wheat Improvement

Laboratory Research Technician

Assistant Research Associate - Plant Breeding

Breeding Lead, Dryland Legumes and Cereals

Postdoctoral Fellow - Wheat Physiology

Technical Assistant
Gender equality, youth and social inclusion

Male and female farmers in Ethiopia and India face different challenges to accessing new wheat varieties, discovers CIMMYT researchers.

Capacity development

Afghan farmers need varieties with improved traits such as heat and drought resilience, incorporating functional variation from existing landrace collections.

Press releases

Researchers build on existing source-and-sink model to map complex interaction of traits that determine wheat yield throughout its growth cycle, as a guide for breeding and future research.

Environmental health and biodiversity
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Source: The New Yorker (6 Dec 2021)

A new article in the New Yorker praises the cutting-edge technology CIMMYT, CGIAR and other scientists are developing to produce a second Green Revolution that doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the first, putting the experiences and challenges of farmers at the heart of it.

Nutrition, health and food security
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Source: The Washington Post (22 Nov 2021)

Harvard Professor Gabriela Soto Laveaga stresses the importance of tackling hunger as more than a technical problem to be addressed through scientific advancement alone, praising CGIAR for its community-centered approach to food systems amid the climate crisis.

Product Development Breeder, Easter Africa