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Senior Research Associate - Wheat Breeder

Approach can save breeders to time and money, cut waste and improve client-focused results.

Climate change
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Source: India Science Wire (22 Sep 2020)

Approach combines farmers’ knowledge of resilient crops with ‘elite’ varieties identified by scientists.

Food security
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Source: World Grain (15 Jul 2020)

CIMMYT scientists perform large genome-wide association study in India, Kenya and Mexico to understand yellow rust resistance in wheat.

Food security
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Source: Trouw (28 Jun 2020)

Opinions differ on if world food production could be improved if annual crops, such as maize, rice, wheat and vegetables, could be turned into perennials.

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Assistant Research Associate - Plant Breeding
Food security

CIMMYT breeder applies new tools and technologies to accelerate genetic gains, make breeding more efficient, and keep up with the changing dynamics of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Maize Line Development Breeder