plant breeding

Food security

CIMMYT breeder applies new tools and technologies to accelerate genetic gains, make breeding more efficient, and keep up with the changing dynamics of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Maize Line Development Breeder

Seed Systems Specialist
Food security

Growing the right wheat varieties is necessary to nutritiously feed a growing population in the context of environmental stress.

Program Director, CIMMYT Enterprise Breeding System

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Wheat Physiology

Associate Scientist - Wheat Physiology

Senior Scientist - Maize Breeding

Maize Pathologist Sub Saharan Africa and Head of MLN Screening Facility

Maize Molecular Breeder for Africa

Wheat Pathologist and Geneticist

Scientist and Lead, Hybrid Wheat Breeding and Genetics

Senior Scientist, Wheat Breeder

Senior Scientist, Head of Rust Pathology and Molecular Genetics

Maize Molecular Breeder for Latin America