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Alberto A. Chassaigne

Senior Scientist, Maize Seed Systems Specialist - Latin America

Alberto Chassaigne has 25 years of experience working in maize seed systems, maize breeding, agronomy and farmer outreach. Currently, he is working to strengthen maize seed systems across Latin America, focusing primarily on promoting commercial seed production and enhanced adoption of maize hybrids, developing seed production technology, capacity building and scaling production from Breeder Seed to Certified Seed. Since 2013 he has served 73 seed companies and registered 95 CIMMYT varieties in Mexico, and advised the public and private sector in Haiti, Colombia and Peru.

Chassaigne holds a PhD in Seed Production from Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico, a PhD in Agricultural Science and an MSc. in Agronomy from the Central University of Venezuela, and an additional degree in Agricultural Engineering. Prior to joining CIMMYT he spent 18 years working as a maize breeder at Danac Foundation, a non-profit organization in Venezuela.