Wheat Geneticist/Molecular Breeder

CIMMYT’s decision to focus on APR genes versus race-specific genes (R-genes) protects the livelihoods of millions of smallholder wheat farmers throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Scientist - Maize Breeding and Seed Systems
Press releases

High-zinc and climate-resilient varieties poised to boost production for farmers and nutrition for consumers.

Senior Scientist, Maize Seed Systems Specialist - Latin America

Maize Line Development Breeder

Program Director, CIMMYT Enterprise Breeding System

Scientist, Quantitative Geneticist

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Wheat Physiology

Scientist, Plant Transformation & Tissue Culture

Senior Scientist - Maize Breeding
Nutrition, health and food security

Researchers present highlights from 40 years of collaboration on wheat genomics, breeding for disease resistance and quality improvement.


New study provides an extensive field-test validation of existing genetic markers for thousand grain weight; finds both surprises and promising results.

Maize Pathologist Sub Saharan Africa and Head of MLN Screening Facility

Maize Molecular Breeder for Africa