seed sector development


A project run by CIMMYT is giving farmers access to demos, field days and seed fairs to improve their understanding of good agronomic practices and improved seed varieties.

Agricultural Development Officer

Discover how CIMMYT scientists support getting new improved seeds to farmers fields, faster.


Efforts to support inclusive and equitable access to seeds by farmers should recognize the different seed systems and the complementarity of formal and informal seed systems.


Fostering private sector engagement to develop and scale locally-produced hybrids seeds in Nepal.

CIMMYT’s tried and tested approaches in varietal turnover and decades of experience in strengthening maize and wheat seed systems have a lot to contribute to CGIAR’s plan of building robust food systems by 2030.

Scientist - Maize Breeding and Seed Systems

Ugandan seed enterprise showcases the performance of stress-resilient maize varieties and engages agro-dealers as last mile seed merchants.

Senior Scientist, Maize Germplasm Bank Curator and Seed Systems Specialist

Seed fair in Masvingo, Zimbabwe — the first of its kind — increases smallholder access to stress tolerant varieties and knowledge on climate-smart technologies.

Research Officer II Breeder/Agronomist

Research Associate

Research Assistant - Seed systems

Business Development Analyst
Capacity development

Seed companies in Malawi share how they chose their flagship varieties and got them onto the commercial market.