Gender and social inclusion

CIMMYT researcher explores the ways in which gender norms influence agricultural innovation around the world.

Assistant Research Associate

Program Director, CIMMYT Enterprise Breeding System
Innovation and technology

Researchers demonstrate that CIMMYT’s durum wheat lines can be grown, bred, and selected under zero tillage or conventional tillage conditions without negatively affecting yield.

Food security

Amos Alakonya talks pests, procedure, and why everyone should be concerned about seed health.

Scientist, Quantitative Geneticist
Food security

Wheat blast is one of the most fearsome and intractable wheat diseases in recent decades. It spreads through infected seeds, crop residues as well as by spores that can travel long distances in the air, posing a major threat to wheat production in tropical areas.

Capacity development

A new video highlights the work of the Heat and Drought Wheat Improvement Consortium (HeDWIC) to create new climate-resilient wheat varieties.

Climate change

Science offers opportunity to curb greenhouse gas emissions related to agriculture and meet climate goals.

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Wheat Physiology

Associate Scientist - Wheat Physiology

Communications Officer, CGIAR Research Program on Wheat

Regional Program Director
Innovation and technology

CIMMYT researcher named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).