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Health and nutrition

Feeding the world’s population is only part of the challenge — we must also strive for higher-quality, more nutritious crops.

Health and nutrition

On World Health Day, we are sharing five stories showing how CIMMYT is combatting hidden hunger and how agricultural research and innovation leads to healthier families, improved livelihoods and a healthier planet.

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Source: BBC News (1 Mar 2019)

CIMMYT’s head of wheat research Ravi Singh commented on the publication of the wheat gene map.

Health and nutrition

This research is especially significant for countries where the health burdens of exposure to aflatoxin and prevalence of vitamin A deficiency converge with high rates of maize consumption.

Food security

Minister Müller explored the campus and heard about CIMMYT’s latest innovations in maize and wheat research.

Food security

The CGIAR Excellence in Breeding Platform (EiB) is looking to provide matching funding for two projects.

Health and nutrition

EAT-Lancet Commission offers a roadmap for a global food system that provides a healthy, sustainable diet for the world’s 10 billion people by 2050.