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CIMMYT scientist recognized with research leader award

The Research.com Plant Science and Agronomy in Mexico Leader Award is given to Matthew Reynolds for his frequently cited research papers on wheat crop science.

Distinguished Scientist and Head of Wheat Physiology at CIMMYT, Matthew Reynolds, received the Research.com Plant Science and Agronomy in Mexico Leader Award 2024 for placing 53rd in the world and 1st in Mexico in the Research.com ranking of Best Plant Science and Agronomy Scientists 2023.

“Being recognized with this award highlights the far-reaching influence of the wheat science taking place in Mexico and its impact on the development of agronomy around the world,” said Reynolds. “Sharing outputs as international public goods with scientists globally has positive benefits for smallholder farmers and their communities. Widening genetic diversity for key traits helps to improve yield and climate resilience -including resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, providing reliable harvests and food security.”

Matthew Reynolds

This marks the third consecutive year that Reynolds has received the award, having held the top position in plant science and agronomy in Mexico since 2022. His most cited papers include ‘Physiological breeding’ (2016), ‘Raising Yield Potential in Wheat (2009)’, and Drought-adaptive traits derived from wheat wild relatives and landraces (2007).

Specializing in technologies to increase the productivity of wheat cropping systems around the world, Reynolds has helped to create a new generation of advanced lines at CIMMYT through physiological breeding approaches that widen the genepool, increasing understanding of yield potential and adapting wheat to drought and heat, developing high throughput phenotyping methodologies, and training other researchers.

Reynolds developed and led the Heat and Drought Wheat Improvement Consortium (https://hedwic.org/) and initiated a global academic network that led to the International Wheat Yield Partnership (https://iwyp.org/), where he champions collaboration that brings together plant science expertise from around the globe to boost yield and climate resilience.

Other CIMMYT scientists in the top 100 world rankings include Distinguished Scientist and former Head of Global Bread Wheat Improvement Ravi P. Singh in 57th place globally and 2nd in Mexico, and Distinguished Scientist in the Biometrics and Statistics Unit, José Crossa, who ranked 59th globally and 3rd in Mexico.

This is the third edition of Research.com positioning scholars based on their research output in plant science and agronomy. Rankings are allocated based on a detailed study of 166,880 scientists in bibliometric data sources, with up to 10,700 people analyzed for this field of work.