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Best of 2020: Our favorite videos

Kick back, press play and enjoy some of our favorite videos of the year.

The Multimedia team at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) and our producers around the world kept busy in 2020. They uploaded 50 videos to our YouTube channel and countless more to our social media, intranet and training platforms!

Here are some of our favorites. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned!

Preserving the legacy of biodiversity

We shot much of this video on location in Svalbard, north of the Arctic Circle, where freezing temperatures put our cameras to the test — but the most challenging part of production was yet to come. After a global pandemic was declared, we had to shoot our first-ever socially distanced interviews, guide people to record themselves and coordinate editing remotely.

Travel with us to the Global Seed Vault, where maize and wheat seeds from CIMMYT’s genebank are are safely backed up.

Bringing landraces back home, 50 years later

Half a century ago, scientists collected and preserved samples of maize landraces in Morelos, Mexico. Now, descendants of those farmers were able to get back their ancestral maize seeds and, with them, a piece of their family history.

Jamal conquered his dreams through maize farming

It is not very often that we are able to use soap opera-style drama to convey science. In this video, actors dramatize the human stakes of the battle against fall armyworm.

At the end of the video, graphics and images show techniques developed by CIMMYT and partners to help real farmers beat this pest.

One-minute science: Carolina Rivera explains wheat physiology

Growing the right wheat varieties is necessary to nutritiously feed a growing population in the context of environmental stress.

How do I become a zero-till farmer?

An online training takes farmers and service providers though a visual journey on the use of conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification methods.

A series of videos — available in Bengali, Hindi and English — demonstrates the process to become a zero-till farmer or service provider: from learning how to prepare a field for zero tillage to the safe use of herbicides.

The Cereal Serial: What are whole grains and why do they matter?

In the first installment of this video series for social media, CIMMYT’s maize and wheat quality experts Natalia Palacios and Itria Ibba explain what whole grains are and why they are an important part of healthy diets.