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Don’t discount the contribution cereals can make to combatting micronutrient malnutrition, say researchers.

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Source: The Conversation (15 Mar 2021)

By changing the way cereals are produced, processed and consumed, it’s possible to harness their benefits to improve diets around the world.


Celebrating whole grains as an integral part of healthy, sustainable — and delicious — diets.


CIMMYT maize and wheat quality experts explain the importance of whole grains for healthy diets.

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Cereals offer greater health and nutrition benefits than commonly acknowledged, despite often being considered ‘nutrient-poor’, say scientists.


What do wholegrain foods look like around the world?


What they are, why they are important for your health, and how to identify them.

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Review indicates positive health impacts from diverse diets that include not more than 50% carbohydrates and the right mix of grain-based foods.


People who eat whole grain foods have a lower risk of almost all chronic diseases and are less likely to gain weight as they age, according to nutritionist Julie Miller Jones.