groundwater irrigation


Successful testing of phone-based groundwater monitoring in the Nepal Terai was described at World Water Week in Stockholm.


Researchers explore how coupling automation with drip irrigation can enhance water use efficiency and productivity, especially in South Asia’s cereal-based systems.


A new initiative will monitor groundwater and will provide a framework for sustainable irrigation practices.

In the media

Source: Green Queen (11 Aug 2021)

A recent study of the groundwater in India revealed that, by 2025, large areas of the north-western and southern parts of the country will have “critically low groundwater availability”.

In the media

Source: Rural 21 (1 Apr 2021)

Providing canal irrigation as a substitute irrigation source will likely not be enough to maintain current production levels.

Press releases

Switch to irrigation canals will not fully compensate for the expected loss of groundwater in Indian agriculture, new study concludes.


New pilot in Nepal kicks off with a multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Climate adaptation and mitigation

CSISA project suggests pathways to remove barriers inhibiting full use of groundwater irrigation infrastructure in Nepal’s Terai region.