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Q&A: Expanding CIMMYT’s research agenda on markets and business

November 21, 2018

CIMMYT economist Jason Donovan discusses the role of seed companies and food markets EL BATAN, Mexico (CIMMYT) — Food security is heavily dependent on seed security. Sustainable seed systems ensure th …

Not all maize makes good tortillas

November 23, 2015

Tortilla dough industry partners evaluating nixtamalized kernels during the workshop “From empirical knowledge to technical tools.” Photo: Natalia Palacios/CIMMYT. With more than 600 food products der …

Kenyan delegation visits CIMMYT for collaboration on nixtamalization

November 6, 2015

Sicily Kariuki presses a perfect tortilla. Photo: Sam Storr/CIMMYT On Thursday, 5 November, a delegation of Kenyan scientists and government officials visited CIMMYT, concluding a fact-finding mission …

The world’s largest maize ear contest 2015

September 21, 2015

Scientist Denise Costich describes her experience as a judge in the contest to find “The World’s Largest Maize Ear” held in Jala, Nayarit, Mexico.

Scientists uncover DNA sequence of key wheat disease resistance gene

May 14, 2012

CIMMYT E-News, vol 6 no. 2, February 2009   A global team of researchers that includes CIMMYT scientists has uncovered the molecular basis of a “wonder” gene that, in tandem with other resistance …

Collaboration is the key to SeeD success

August 1, 2011

The collaborative nature of the Seeds of Discovery (SeeD) initiative was highlighted at a seminar on 12th July, with Hans Braun, director of CIMMYT’s Global Wheat Program, calling for an “open and fra …

Mexican wheat farmers sign national agreement

July 25, 2008

Representatives from national wheat farmers’ committees all signed a national agreement for wheat provisioning on 23 July 2008 at the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA) facilities. The Secretar …

Conservation agriculture course in Toluca

April 12, 2008

About 30 people attended an intensive course in conservation agriculture (CA) during 08-10 April 2008 at the CIMMYT experiment station in Toluca. The course, which was the first in recent years by CIM …

Workshop on Mexico-USDA project: boosting farm productivity in the State of Mexico

February 22, 2008

Farmers in the State of Mexico, which borders the country’s capital, Mexico City—a potential market of nearly 20 million inhabitants— have struggled to make a profit growing maize. The state accounts …

Democratizing crop improvement

November 2, 2007

Maize breeders in the Mexican highlands are increasingly looking to farmers for input on how to improve crops, after decades of having little impact in these areas. It is estimated that only 7-15% of …

Special mention for CIMMYT wheat poster

October 26, 2007

A poster on a CIMMYT-led project to establish a system for assessing wheat grain quality in the main wheat-producing areas of Mexico received special mention at the 1st Latin American International Co …

The importance of CIMMYT’s maize in Mexico

October 19, 2007

On September 9, and October 4 and 12, the highland maize program participated in field days in Chapingo, Puebla and Hidalgo. The events illustrated the continuing importance of CIMMYT germplasm in Mex …

Award from AgroBIO-México to Silverio García

October 19, 2007

In a gala ceremony on 18 October at the National Anthropology and History Museum of Mexico, AgroBio-México recognized Silverio García’s PhD thesis as one of the best in the country. AgroBio-México is …

CIMMYT meets farmers at the ICAMEX fair

October 12, 2007

On October 4, Javier Peña, head of CIMMYT’s cereal quality laboratory, and Fernando Delgado, superintendent of the Toluca research station, talked to farmers in Jilotepec, near Toluca, at an agricultu …

Texas A&M students step out into the wider world, visit CIMMYT

June 22, 2007

During 19-29 June 2007, eight students from the Faculty of the Soil and Crop Science Department, Texas A&M University toured CIMMYT-El Batán and talked with center staff as part of an introductory …

Borlaug accorded fond welcome in northwestern Mexico

April 21, 2007

The CIMMYT research station and the city of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, in northwestern Mexico, had reason to celebrate over the last week. Norman Borlaug paid a five-day visit to the city in the Yaqui Va …