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In fond memory of Paula Kantor (1969-2015)

June 18, 2015

Paula had an exceptionally sharp, analytical mind and a deep understanding of how change can empower men and women to give them a better chance to influence their own lives and choose their own path.

For development expert Paula Kantor, gender equality was crucial

June 10, 2015

Gender and development specialist Paula Kantor had a deep understanding of how change can empower men and women to give them greater control over their own lives.

CIMMYT remembers vital legacy of gender specialist Paula Kantor

May 14, 2015

CIMMYT is sad to announce the tragic death of our friend and respected colleague, gender and development specialist Paula Kantor. If you would like to offer your condolences you can send us a message …

Sculptor captures demeanor of Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug

April 13, 2015

Artist Katharine McDevitt, creator of a new bronze representation of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug, is fascinated by sculptures representing pre-Hispanic deities.

Tribute to Dr. Norman E. Borlaug on his 101st birth anniversary

April 13, 2015

Borlaug Institute for South Asia (BISA) and CIMMYT India staff members gathered together at NASC Complex, New Delhi to pay tribute to the late Dr. Norman E. Borlaug on what would have been his 101st B …

Pakistan marks Borlaug’s 100th birthday with commemorative stamp

January 19, 2015

Pakistan’s National Philatelic Bureau issued a commemorative postage stamp to honor the 100th birthday, last 25 March, of late wheat scientist and Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr. Norman E. Borlaug.

Honoring the life and legacy of Wilfred Mwangi, CIMMYT Agricultural Economist

December 15, 2014

The CIMMYT community celebrates the illustrious life and mourns the passing on 11 December of Wilfred M. Mwangi, distinguished Kenyan scholar, statesman and researcher who dedicated his career to impr …

A tribute to Alejandro Ortega, former CIMMYT maize scientist

September 11, 2014

In communion with family members, Mexican and global partners and past colleagues, CIMMYT mourns the passing and celebrates the extraordinary life of Alejandro Ortega y Corona, former CIMMYT maize sci …

Dr. Borlaug recognized by CIMMYT-India

April 8, 2014

By Meenakshi Chandiramani, Vibha Dhawan, Raj Gupta, Pankaj Singh and Parvinder Singh/CIMMYT CIMMYT staff members leave flowers at the statue of Dr. Norman Borlaug in New Delhi. Photo: Meenakshi Chandi …

Tribute to Hugo Córdova: the passing of a great scientist and hunger fighter

May 14, 2012

The CIMMYT community and friends across the globe mourn the loss of maize breeder and distinguished scientist, Hugo Salvador Córdova Orellana, who died on 25 December 2009. Córdova worked for more tha …

Beloved family, friends, and colleagues commemorate Chris Dowswell

December 5, 2011

On the cold, sunny, highland Mexican morning of 29 November 2011, nearly 80 persons gathered in the pine grove at El Batán to remember Chris Dowswell, former CIMMYT colleague and dear friend to many, …

Agua Fría holds dedication for Hugo Córdova

July 28, 2010

On Thursday 14 July 2010, staff at the Mexican experimental station in Agua Fría held a ceremony to honor the late Hugo Córdova, one of CIMMYT’s distinguished scientists and a remarkable maize breeder …

Rajaram retires

February 15, 2008

After an outstanding career of 40 years in agricultural research, former CIMMYT wheat researcher, Wheat Program Director, and Distinguished Scientist, Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram—known affectionately at CIMMY …

A visit with Guadalupe Guevara, former germplasm bank assistant

February 1, 2008

To mark the occasion of 20 years after his retirement, former maize germplasm bank assistant, Guadalupe Guevara, was paid a visit on 24 January 2008 by Suketoshi Taba, head of maize genetic resources, …

A pioneer passes: Bernice “Bernie” Hanson

August 24, 2007

We have received word that Mrs. Bernie Hanson, wife of Haldore Hanson, CIMMYT’s second director general, died on April 4, 2007 at the age of 91. She would have been 92 on Sunday, August 19th. Hal and …

Hugo Córdova farewell: stellar send-off for star scientist

May 25, 2007

Often in life’s special moments, joy and sadness can co-exist in a strange mixture. Such was the case at El Batán on 18 May 2007, when CIMMYT bid formal farewell to retiring Distinguished Scientist, H …

Rousing homage to Hugo Cordova in Central America

April 27, 2007

Distinguished scientist Hugo Córdova Orellana, who will retire in May 2007, received a rousing tribute during the 53rd annual meeting of the Programa Cooperativo Centroamericano para el Mejoramiento d …

CIMMYT mourns the passing of Bent Skovmand

February 9, 2007

After years of battling illness, former CIMMYT scientist Bent Skovmand died on 06 February 2007 in Kävlinge, Sweden, at the age of 62. Born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, Skovmand did his undergraduate an …

Farewell to Raj Gupta

February 9, 2007

On January 19, 2007, Raj Gupta stepped down as the CIMMYT Facilitator of the Rice-Wheat Consortium (RWC) based in New Delhi, India. When Raj assumed the leadership of the RWC, the technological founda …

“Dedication” for a lifetime’s dedication: Cordova honored by Central American network

December 29, 2006

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Central American Cooperative Program for the Improvement of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA)—a network established by Edwin J. Wellhausen and L. Sterling Wortman with Rockfell …