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MasAgro (Crops for Mexico)

MasAgro is a research for rural development project supported by Mexico’s Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The project promotes the sustainable intensification of maize and wheat production in Mexico. MasAgro develops capacities and research activities aimed at raising maize and wheat yields stability and profitability in Mexico. The program also seeks to increase farmer income and production systems sustainability by implementing collaborative research initiatives, developing and promoting the use of improved seed, sustainable technologies and farming practices.


  • Obtain higher and more stable yields, increase farmer income and promote natural resource conservation in agriculture.
  • Promote collaboration and integration between participants of the maize, wheat and similiar grains value chains to develop, disseminate and adopt sustainable farming solutions in target agricultural zones.
  • Promote the growth of a Mexican seed sector and contribute to raise maize productivity in Mexico by conducting collaborative research in maize genetic resources and developing yellow and white maize hybrids of high yield potential and stability.
  • Use the genetic resources CIMMYT conserves and develop cutting-edge technologies and capacities in Mexico to accelerate the development of stable, high-yielding and climate resilient maize and wheat varieties.
  • Strengthen Mexico’s research capacities to increase yield potential and climate resilience of improved wheat varieties.