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P.H. Zaidi

Maize Physiologist

P.H. Zaidi joined CIMMYT in 2007, and has since focused on strengthening the abiotic stress-tolerant germplasm base relevant for the Asian region. He has led efforts to develop abiotic maize germplasm tolerant to stresses including heat, drought, water-logging and anaerobic germination. He has also developed and standardized screening phenotyping techniques, protocols and selection criterion for various abiotic stresses, and supported NARS partners in implementing these into their programs.

Zaidi played a key role in strengthening collaborative research activities between CIMMYT and Asian NARS, as well as initiating research collaborations with new partners in the region. He has organized training courses on abiotic stress breeding and precision phenotyping, and has received several awards for his contributions to maize research, including CIMMYT’s Outstanding Scientist Award in 2009.