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CRP Wheat Annual Report 2020

WHEAT supported the release of 63 CGIAR-derived high-yielding and climate-resilient wheat varieties in 2020, boosting farmer resilience and income throughout the wheat-growing world.

We are proud to present highlighted impacts from WHEAT’s research in our 2020 Annual Report, showcasing the shared accomplishments through global partnerships for the eighth year of the program.

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In 2020, the COVID-19 crisis devastated communities, economies, and livelihoods, especially of the world’s most vulnerable populations. At the same time, climate change continued to threaten wheat systems around the world. Under unprecedented challenges, WHEAT scientists and partners responded swiftly, generating new research evidence, forming new partnerships, and improving access to conservation agriculture and farm mechanization technologies.

This web-based report focuses on some of the major impacts the program has had on sustainable intensification, gender and social inclusion, and technological innovations for more productive wheat-based farming. Although they are reported for 2020, these impacts reflect years of dedicated science and strong collaborative relationships with partners.

We are deeply grateful for our partners in the science, research, policymaking, and funding communities who have allowed us to continue our work in the face of urgent and powerful challenges. We hope you enjoy this year’s Annual Report as we look back upon our outcomes and achievements in 2020 and set our targets for the future.