Food security
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Source: Plantopia (9 Apr 2020)

CIMMYT senior scientist Dave Hodson discusses striking parallels between wheat rust and global human epidemics on new podcast.

Capacity development

CIMMYT wheat scientist explores new sources of rust resistance to create new rust-resistant wheat varieties.

Climate change

Science offers opportunity to curb greenhouse gas emissions related to agriculture and meet climate goals.

Food security

Researchers present highlights from 40 years of collaboration on wheat genomics, breeding for disease resistance and quality improvement.

Food security

We talk to the recipient of the World Food Prize 2018 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application. Rouse is being recognized for his work on Ug99.

Food security

Matthew Rouse, a researcher with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is being recognized for his work to contain and reduce the impact of Ug99.