nutritional quality


Water, heat and lime transform grain in a traditional Central American maize processing method.


CIMMYT and partners in sub-Saharan Africa work with seed companies to invest in deployment of climate-resilient and nutritionally enriched maize seed.

Food security

Experts from Ethiopia and Kenya join CIMMYT and other partners to renew a long-standing collaboration under the auspices of the new AGG project.

Research Associate

Business Development Analyst
Health and nutrition

CIMMYT scientist helps breeders meet complex and stringent market demands for high-quality wheat.

Program Director, CIMMYT Enterprise Breeding System

Senior Scientist - Maize Breeding

Maize Pathologist Sub Saharan Africa and Head of MLN Screening Facility

Senior Scientist, Wheat Breeder

Maize Molecular Breeder for Latin America

Maize Quality Specialist

Maize Breeder

Director of CIMMYT's Global Maize Program and the CGIAR Research Program on Maize