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At global climate summit, CIMMYT scientists share adaptation and mitigation solutions for farmers, and call for increased funding for agricultural research.

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The food and beverage company will source wheat produced sustainably from a milling company that buys grain from farmers in the Bajío region of Mexico who will participate in CIMMYT’s research and capacity building networks.

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Source: AgroinformaciĂłn (22 Jun 2021)

At the 8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture, Martin Kropff argued that “agriculture cannot take a toll on the environment”, praising conservation agriculture for its contribution to building resilience to drought.

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Source: The Counter (21 May 2021)

Dave Hodson discusses why conservation may be the key to our survival.

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Over 700,000 people will benefit from the Aguas Firmes project, which will facilitate the adoption of sustainable intensification practices on more than 4,000 hectares, through a partnership with Grupo Modelo and GIZ.

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A new meta-study confirms that nitrous oxide emissions can be reduced by boosting nitrogen productivity, crop yield and use of “4Rs.”


CSISA initiatives support smallholder farmers in India to become successful entrepreneurs.