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  2. Managing Wheat Blast in Bangladesh

Managing Wheat Blast in Bangladesh

The Managing Wheat Blast in Bangladesh: Identification and Introgression of Wheat Blast Resistance for Rapid Varietal Development and Dissemination project aims to characterize novel sources of wheat blast resistance, identification, and molecular mapping of resistance loci/gene(s) and their introgression into varietal development pipelines for rapid dissemination of resistant varieties in Bangladesh.


  • Validate the effects of genes Rmg1, Rmg8 and RmgGR119 in field experiments
  • Identify novel wheat blast resistant sources and generating the corresponding genetic materials for investigating the resistance Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL)/genes
  • Monitor the adoption of resistant varieties BARI Gom 33 and WMRI Gom 3 by women and men farmers to learn the drivers and obstacles that are involved in the process, to inform the design of a farmer-preferred product profile, and factors in impact pathway
  • Build the capacity of the Bangladesh Wheat and Maize Research Institute (BWMRI) to operate major infrastructure in Jashore and Dinajpur at the individual and institutional levels
  • Enhance collaboration between Bangladesh and other countries showing interest on wheat blast
  • Train young wheat researchers and breeders in Jashore Precision Phenotyping Platform (PPP)