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New CIMMYT pre-commercial hybrids for southern Africa


The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is offering a new set of improved maize hybrids to partners in southern Africa and similar agro-ecological zones, to scale up production for farmers in these areas.

National agricultural research systems and seed companies are invited to apply for the allocation of these pre-commercial hybrids, after which they will be able to register, produce and offer the improved seed to farming communities.

The deadline to submit applications to be considered during the next round of allocations is January 3, 2019. Applications received after that deadline will be considered during the following round of product allocations.

Information about the newly available hybrids, application instructions and other relevant material is available below.

Download all documents

Or download individual files below:

Announcement of the Results of the Maize Regional Trials Conducted by CIMMYT-SARO 2018 Season

Table 1. 2018 CIMMYT-SARO Trial Site Information

Table 2. 2018 CIMMYT-SARO available early and extra-early maturing hybrids (EHYB18)

Table 3. 2018 CIMMYT-SARO available medium maturing hybrids (IHYB18)

Table 4. 2018 CIMMYT-SARO available late maturing hybrids (LHYB18)

Table 5. 2018 CIMMYT-SARO available high quality protein maize hybrids (ADVQPM18)

To apply, please fill out the CIMMYT Improved Maize Product Allocation Application Forms, available for download at the links below. Each applicant will need to complete one copy of Form A for their organization, then for each hybrid being requested a separate copy of Form B.

FORM A – Application for CIMMYT Improved Maize Product Allocation

FORM B – Application for CIMMYT Improved Maize Product Allocation

Please send completed forms via email to GMP-CIMMYT@cgiar.org.

Please note: These forms have been updated since the last cycle, so please download a fresh copy from the links above. Applications using the old format may not be accepted.

How does CIMMYT's improved maize get to the farmer?