Emma Orchardson

Emma Orchardson

Maize Physiologist

Technical Program Manager

Germplasm Curator

Project Administrator

Greenhouse Coordinator

Program Manager

Data Management Coordinator

Associate Scientist - Agricultural Statistics/Biometrics

Distinguished Scientist

Program Manager, Global Maize Program

tag icon Gender equality, youth and social inclusion

Authors examine how smallholders attempt to innovate with improved wheat seed, row planting, and the broad bed maker, introduced through the Ethiopian agricultural extension system.


tag icon Climate adaptation and mitigation

Joint team recognized for their work on rice residue management using the Super Straw Management System, or Super SMS.


tag icon Capacity development

Abdul Fatah, Khanal and Molero are helping pave the way for the next generation of female scientists.


tag icon Innovations

Resource-poor farmers worldwide stand to gain from developments in the field of crop modelling.


tag icon Innovations

Trials of the Nutrient Expert app showed improved yields, fertilizer-use efficiency and increased profits for farmers.