Emma Orchardson

Emma Orchardson

tag icon Innovations

Researchers analyze irrigation service providers to understand how different business models and pump types affect pricing and water conservation.

Associate Scientist - Wheat Physiology

Scientist and Head of the Seed Health Unit

Agricultural Development Officer

Associate Scientist in Wheat Physiology

EiB NARs Coordinator & Programming Lead

Associate Scientist - Postharvest Specialist

Maize Pathologist Sub Saharan Africa and Head of MLN Screening Facility

Maize Molecular Breeder for Africa

tag icon Nutrition, health and food security

Researchers urge donor agencies to support the dissemination of new blast-resistant, biofortified wheat in Bangladesh.

Maize Pathologist for Latin America

tag icon Nutrition, health and food security

As processed food products gain popularity in Mexico City, researchers are keen to understand variation in access to healthier maize- and wheat-based foods across differences in purchasing power.

Scaling Advisor

Administrative Coordinator

Senior Scientist