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Doubled Haploid Production Services

CIMMYT provides a maize Doubled Haploid (DH) Production Service at cost to maize breeding programs in Africa and Latin America at its DH facilities in Mexico and Kenya, cutting the time required to develop homozygous maize lines from three to seven years, using traditional inbreeding down, to just over one year.

DH technology boosts efficiency and increasing genetic gain, or the genetic improvement of a crop over a generation.

CIMMYT established centralized DH line production facilities for Africa at Kiboko, Kenya. Similar facility is also in operation for Latin America at CIMMYT’s experimental station in Agua fria, Mexico. Both public and private sector organizations involved in maize germplasm development can access the DH production service by signing a DH service agreement.

Funding Institutions: None/self-sustaining

Principal Coordinator: Vijay Chaikam