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Mazvita Chiduwa

Associate Scientist - Cropping Systems Agronomist

Mazvita Chiduwa works with smallholder farmers in maize-based, mixed farming systems under pressure to improve system resilience. Chiduwa’s training and background are in legume integration into farming systems, including a focus on rhizobia inoculant production, quality control, regulation, and application.

Chiduwa joined CIMMYT in 2022 and is working on diversification of maize-based farming systems in Malawi using conservation agriculture and different intercrop arrangements between maize and the legumes cowpea, groundnut, pigeon pea and soybean. She is also working on developing a digital agronomy decision tool for smallholder farmers, working with farmers in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. The pilot work is being implemented in the context of soybean in maize-based systems with the intention to develop it for other crops in future. The main research questions are to do with soybean variety choices, planting dates, crop establishment methods and site-specific nutrient recommendations.