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New manual supports informed choices for climate resilience in Zimbabwe.


Study explores whether modern maize storage structures offer equal benefits to women and men farmers in Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


AGG partners meet to launch regional networks for eastern and southern Africa and assess capacity development needs.


Small-mechanization pilot initiative signs up 15 service providers to boost incomes and resilience through a lease-to-own business model in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.


Seed fair in Masvingo, Zimbabwe — the first of its kind — increases smallholder access to stress tolerant varieties and knowledge on climate-smart technologies.


Innovative tools and technologies help CIMMYT maize breeders in Africa accelerate the delivery of high-quality seed.


Drip irrigation technologies are conserving resources and improving farmer resilience in eastern Zimbabwe.

Field Auxiliary

A growing number of smallholders in southern Zimbabwe adopt provitamin-A maize after collective learning and knowledge transfer initiative.

Administrative Coordinator

Mother-trial farmers in Zimbabwe’s Mwenezi district share their experiences, lessons and successes in adopting climate-resilient practices.

Climate change

Systems agronomist transforms farmers’ livelihoods through improved crop performance and soil health, promoting sustainable techniques that mitigate climate change effects.

Food security
Press releases

New project will research and promote the adoption of sustainable farming method and practices.

Innovation and technology

Tremendous impact is arising from the longstanding cooperation between CIMMYT’s maize and wheat programs and national programs in countries where CIMMYT works.