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Juan Burgueño

Biometrics and Statistics Unit Head

Juan Burgueño is a senior scientist and head of CIMMYT’s biometrics and statistics unit. He and his team are committed to developing new mathematical and statistical methodologies, and applying them to solve the problems CIMMYT and partner researchers face.

Burgueño and his team mainly focus on research, consultancy and training on a broad range of topics like experimental design, multi-environment cultivar trials, agronomy, pathology and entomology experiments, genetic resources conservation, mapping quantitative trait loci, genome selection and genetic diversity.

As head of the unit, he coordinates the team’s efforts in these areas and strengthens CIMMYT’s team of biometricians in order to effectively collaborate and help CIMMYT’s staff and partners. Burgueño mainly contributes to experimental design, statistical modeling, genome selection and analysis of high-throughput phenotyping data.