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Christian Thierfelder

Senior Cropping Systems Agronomist

Since 2009, Christian Thierfelder has led CIMMYT’s conservation agriculture (CA) systems research in Southern Africa with the aim to adapt CA systems to the needs and environments of smallholder farmers. He currently focuses on fine-tuning CA systems to different agro-ecologies and researching farmers’ adoption of new technologies, green manure cover crops and grain legumes integration into maize-based farming systems, climate-smart agriculture, GxExM and agro-ecological management of the Fall armyworm.

His research mainly covers Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and to a lesser extent Namibia. Thierfelder works with a wide range of national and international partners from research and extension in all target countries. Capacity building is a central part of his work, which includes farmers, extension officers and national researchers but also university students from all degree levels.