Locally produced seed cleaners are making a big difference in Ethiopia and inspiring innovation in Benin.

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Source: Ethiopian News Agency (21 Feb 2023)

The partnership between CIMMYT and Ethiopia is improving wheat productivity through improved germplasm and access to mechanization.


Farm mechanization contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty (SDG-1) and Zero Hunger (SDG-2), with very small farms facing acute labor shortages benefited the most.

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Gender equality, youth and social inclusion

The introduction of new technology has enabled farmers in West Africa to improve the quality and minimize losses of a national staple.

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In the Mbire and Murehwa districts of Zimbabwe, smallholder farmers are being introduced to agroecology interventions as part of a CGIAR Initiative.


Mechanical grinders and presses are transforming cassava production in Ivory Coast and empowering women.

Climate adaptation and mitigation

Around one thousand farmers flocked to a recent two-day climate-smart seed and mechanization fair in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo district, signaling strong interest in these two climate adaptation strategies.

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Financially-accessible mechanization options are reducing labor and providing further job opportunities for smallholders in Zimbabwe.