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Environmental health and biodiversity

Participatory testing of fall armyworm (FAW) solutions is helping to find eco-friendly and cost-effective integrated pest management (IPM) packages in Kenya.

Environmental health and biodiversity
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Source: Agro News (9 Nov 2022)

Scientists are working to contain the spread of fall armyworm in Kenya with naturally resistant varieties and eco-friendly solutions.

Gender equality, youth and social inclusion

The Initiative targets a broad range of pests and diseases affecting cereals, legumes, potato, sweet potato, cassava, banana and other vegetables.

Environmental health and biodiversity

The manual builds on the lessons of a decade of work on MLN management in sub-Saharan Africa by CIMMYT and its partners.

Capacity development

As the pest continues to cause damage to farmers’ fields, CIMMYT trained national agricultural partners on integrated pest management.


Researchers suggest agro-ecological approaches be promoted as a core component of integrated pest management programs.