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Breaking Ground: Francelino Rodrigues on high-tech farming

September 13, 2017

Francelino Rodrigues’ expertise in precision agriculture brings a high-tech element to CIMMYT’s field trials.

CSIRO and CIMMYT link on wheat phenomics, physiology and data

June 26, 2017

  Building on a more than 40-year-old partnership in crop modelling and physiology, a two-day workshop organized by CIMMYT and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisa …

Harnessing medical technology and global partnerships to drive gains in food crop productivity

December 22, 2016

Global research networks must overcome nationalist and protectionist tendencies to provide technology advances the world urgently needs.

First international training workshop on farming systems analysis in India

June 9, 2015

The international training workshop “Approaches for integrated analysis of agricultural systems in South Asia: Field, to farm, to landscape scale,” jointly organized by CIMMYT and the Indian Council o …

Crop model gives scientists a window on future farming in the Eastern Gangetic Plains

February 23, 2015

In work to help farmers in South Asia tackle changing climates and markets through resilient and productive cropping systems, scientists are now using a leading and longstanding model, the Agricultura …

Wheat area expansion faces a headwind requiring increased spending on R&D to raise yields

October 9, 2014

Over the last 50 years big increases in agricultural production have come through improved yields. Since 1990, wheat is the only major crop to experience an overall decline in area.

The global warming challenge for wheat

September 28, 2014

The expected average rate of warming over current wheat areas for the next few decades is a little less than 0.5 °C per decade, which implies a negative yield impact of about 2 percent per decade.

Crop yields and global food security: will yield increase continue to feed the world?

June 3, 2014

By Tony Fischer (Honorary Research Fellow, CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, ACT, Australia), Derek Byerlee (Independent Researcher, Washington, DC, USA), Greg Edmeades (Independent Consultant, Cambridg …

Farming systems design: to feed a changing world

September 2, 2013

Farming systems all over the world face complex problems in terms of production, such as natural resource depletion, climate change, increasing food demand, and volatile prices. Farmers have to adapt …

Allen McHugh reports on conservation agriculture in China

June 18, 2013

The past few weeks have been busy and interesting in China: preparing for the International Conservation Agriculture Forum in Yinchuan and work travels to Beijing, Yangling (Shaanxi province), and Xuc …

Scientists uncover DNA sequence of key wheat disease resistance gene

May 14, 2012

CIMMYT E-News, vol 6 no. 2, February 2009   A global team of researchers that includes CIMMYT scientists has uncovered the molecular basis of a “wonder” gene that, in tandem with other resistance …