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  2. Fighting back against fall armyworm in Bangladesh

Fighting back against fall armyworm in Bangladesh

Fall armyworm is an invasive Lepidopteran pest that favors maize and is native to the Americas. It was identified in Bangladesh for the first time in late 2018 following migration from Africa and southern India.

Supported by the University of Michigan and USAID, this project cooperates with national research and extension partners, CABI and the FAO to strengthen efforts to mitigate impact of the pest on farmers’ income, food security and health.


  • Develop educational materials to help reach audiences with information to improve understanding and management of fall armyworm
  • Assist the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in deploying awareness raising and training campaigns
  • Institutional change to improve crop protection and integrated pest management
  • Prepare the private sector for appropriate fall armyworm response
  • Support the standing multi-threat pest emergency taskforce
  • Generate data and evidence to guide integrated fall armyworm management