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Ravi Singh receives Crop Science Research Award

Ravi P. Singh, distinguished scientist and head of Bread Wheat Improvement, was awarded the 2012 Crop Science Research Award by the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA). Singh is the first CIMMYT scientist to receive this award.

The award was presented at the CSSA annual meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on 24 October 2012, and recognized Singh’s achievements in fighting wheat diseases, rusts in particular. “Wheat rusts are among the world’s most important diseases,” said Singh. “A century of research and breeding has helped to reduce the losses caused by rusts, but new biotypes continue to emerge.”

A fellow of numerous scientific associations, Singh has contributed to the development of over 200 wheat cultivars; 20 of which are resistant to Ug99 and have been released and taken up by farmers in developing countries. His approaches for generating high-yielding and disease-resistant wheat lines have changed wheat breeding at CIMMYT and at breeding programs worldwide. Though an eminent scientist himself, Singh recognizes that science alone cannot solve the critical problems facing agriculture: “Policies to ensure efficient use of water, nutrients, and prices will be important to enhance productivity and profitability.”