Wheat farmers are facing troubles on various fronts, particularly the threat of devastating disease.

Nutrition, health and food security

If we are to be truly successful in improving the lives of farmers and consumers in the developing world, we need to base our interventions on the best evidence available.


The CIMMYT Australia ICARDA Germplasm Evaluation Project (CAIGE) organized a visit for Australian breeders to Turkey during 19 April-3 May. Participants learned about the germplasm evaluation and selection activities by the International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP, a joint enterprise of CIMMYT and the Government of Turkey), the CIMMYT-Turkey Soil Borne Pathogen (SBP) program and the Regional Rust Research Center.


Wheat, being produced equally in developing and developed countries, is the top global source of calories and the top traded food grain, a position it is unlikely to lose.


In Australia, over 90 percent of local wheat varieties can be traced back to CIMMYT varieties, reports Kim Honan in a 17 September article on ABC’s Rural website.

Capacity development

CIMMYT scientists discuss the complementary nature of the two organizations in the areas of precision agriculture, field monitoring, smart technologies and remote sensing.