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Source: Daily Times (21 Nov 2021)

At COP26, Special Assistant to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Climate Change said that a transboundary dialogue on mitigating air pollution was imperative to resolve Lahore’s smog.

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Source: Down To Earth (1 Jul 2021)

The Happy Seeder—a machine that cuts and lifts the paddy straw while simultaneously sowing the wheat crop—is not just the least polluting, but also the most scalable solution that can be adopted by farmers ‘en masse’.


Authors conclude that no-till, no-burn practices can cut severe pollution in northern India and that they merit strong policy support, including enforcement of bans on burning straw.

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The average farmer who uses the Happy Seeder can generate up to 20% more profits than those who burn their fields, according to a new study published in Science.

Climate adaptation and mitigation

Published in Science, the article provides evidence for national policies that block stubble burning and promote no-till mechanization to manage crop residues.