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João Vasco Silva

Agronomy-at-scale Data Scientist

João Vasco Silva is an Agronomy-at-scale Data Scientist with CIMMYT’s Sustainable Intensification Program based in Harare, Zimbabwe, and a guest researcher at the Plant Production Systems Group of Wageningen University (WU), in the Netherlands.

His expertise includes yield gap and resource use efficiency analysis, farming systems research and integrated assessments at field, farm, and regional levels.

Silva holds a PhD from WU with a thesis focusing on explaining yield gaps at farm(ing) systems level, including case studies on crop-livestock systems in Ethiopia, rice farming in the Philippines and arable farming in the Netherlands. This was followed by a post-doc at WU aiming to identify opportunities for increasing water and nutrient use efficiencies in Europe and North Africa.

He is currently involved in different research projects in Africa focusing on guiding investments in acid soil management and on sustainable intensification of farming systems in the region.