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  2. Christopher Ochieng Ojiewo

Christopher Ochieng Ojiewo

Partnerships & Seed Systems Lead - AVISA

Christopher Ochieng Ojiewo aims to enhance enhance varietal turnover to mitigate losses from evolving climate patterns, especially in dry areas with the poorest of the poor farmers, while addressing pest and disease complexes, and enabling public-private partnerships for enhanced seed delivery. Core to his sense of purpose is: improving productivity and profitability for smallholder farmers; gender equity; youth empowerment; nutrition security; knowledge sharing; and solving the perpetual problem of food, nutrition and income insecurity of the less privileged in developing countries. He works to establish a robust system that ensures sustainable, timely availability of and access to quality seed of dryland cereals and grain legumes at affordable prices through the participation of multiple stakeholders along the seed value chain. He is committed to gender equity as a guiding principle, considering the critical role women play in choosing legume and cereal varieties and seed sources.