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SAGARPA Undersecretary visits the Bajío AC hub

The experimental platform of the Bajío CA hub, Irrigation District 011, hosted a special guest on 17 August 2011 when Mariano Ruiz-Funes, SAGARPA Undersecretary, came to view the progress of MasAgro in Guanajuato. He was accompanied by Francisco López Tostado, SAGARPA Guanajuato delegate, José Ma. Anaya Ochoa, Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock in Guanajuato, and other authorities from the Irrigation District. They were welcomed by Miguel Ledesma, President of Irrigation District 011, and Raymundo Rocha, Manager of the District. Farmers, technicians and representatives of local companies and institutions were also invited to attend a tour of the Technology Transfer Validation campus of Irrigation District 011, Irapuato, Guanajuato, where the experiment platform is located.

Marie Soleil Turmel, CIMMYT CA National Hub Coordinator, presented MasAgro’s progress in the Bajío zone: “Here we see an example of one experiment platform with CA systems. MasAgro’s philosophy is working, thanks to the collaborative work to develop sustainable technologies together with farmers and local and national stakeholders from the public and private agricultural sectors of Guanajuato,” she said. Turmel added that at this platform they have been validating sustainable agronomic practices, and using the platform for demonstrations and training for technicians and farmers. Further presentations were given by members of the ‘Agricultura Sostenible Basada en la Siembra Directa’ (ASOSID), CIMMYT, and the Irrigation District 011.

Ruíz-Funes said the event clearly showed the application of accumulated experience, and the potential of the work done at the platform. “It must be clear for us that climate change is here to stay, and in that sense, these efforts are focused on achieving food security and facing the effects of climate change on agriculture,” he said.