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Paul Mapfumo receives University professorship

Paul-Mapfumo-copyPaul Mapfumo, member of the global conservation agriculture program and coordinator of SOFECSA—the Soil Fertility Consortium for Southern Africa—has been awarded a full professorship at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare as of March 2012, with the details of his continued relationship with CIMMYT to be worked out. Having opened its doors in 1952, the University is the oldest and largest university in Zimbabwe and has 10 faculties, including agriculture, as well as specialist research centers. “The SOFECSA work in CIMMYT—so much appreciated by communities and partners in Zimbabwe—was a major driver for this achievement,” said Mapfumo. “So thanks to CIMMYT and all our great partners.” SOFECSA is an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary consortium to undertake field- level adaptive research and development activities that enhance the impacts of integrated soil fertility management technologies on food security and farm incomes in Southern Africa and beyond.