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New scholarship to honor the work of Chris Dowswell

The Dowswell family would like to announce that they have finalized a scholarship with Winrock International in memory of Chris Dowswell, our former colleague and a dear friend to many. The Dowswell Scholarship Fund will provide need-based educational scholarships through the Safe University system with emphasis on agriculture education and training for women, areas that Chris was passionate about.

The Dowswell family has provided the initial funding of $50,000 dollars for the scholarship hoping that this can and will make a difference for select individuals in the targeted areas. If you are in a position to contribute to this fund, the Dowswell family would be very appreciative of your help to honor Chris and his life’s work.

For further information about the “Dowswell Scholarship Fund,” contact Judy Vance: jvance [at] winrock [dot] org.